Prayer Requests

How to Submit a Request

  1. You can submit a prayer need on a worship insert in one of the morning worship services at Dawson.

  2. You can submit a prayer request through your Sunday School class.

  3. You can submit a Prayer Request through the Prayer Center:

    1. Intercessory Prayer Center Prayer Line:
      If you have a prayer need that you would like to be kept in confidence for our prayer volunteers to specifically pray for, then please call 795-PRAY and either talk with a prayer volunteer or leave a message for only a prayer volunteer to receive.

    2. Send a Prayer Request online by submitting below

For information about our prayer ministries please contact Todd Harrington at (205) 871-7324 or at


Please pray for me to move immediately from Lancaster where I live at present. I am being spiritually attacked in my flat and get mortally ill. The solution is to find someone willing to "swap" their… read more


Please pray for my depression. I have missed work and my bills are behind. I am trying to keep my home. I need strength. Please pray for me strength. Thanks so much. read more


Please pray for Ryan. God knows all of the details. Thank you. read more


I urge you to pray for me. Having problems insurmountable. My health has broken down to a dangerous extent. Within three months I lost 42 kilos. I can not work because of my health problems. My house… read more


Please pray God heals me of bell's palsy so I may provide for my family! Thank you and may God richly bless you:-) read more


Please pray for Daniel Barba @UCDavis for God to breath new lungs in Jesus Powerful Name! read more


Please pray for Daniel Barba @UCDavis for God to breath new lungs in Jesus Powerful Name! read more


Please pray for ML and struggles with depression, job, and getting professional help. read more


Praise the Lord, Please pray for my future i want u to pray for my marriage issue. We are belong to same church and we are in relationship from 2010 we love each other and we have decided to marry… read more


Recently I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and I am having to use a CPAP machine at night. I have never used anything like the mask. I have claustrophobia and I am scared of how the mask will… read more

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