In just a few days, the long recovery process will begin in Texas and Louisiana due to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Dawson’s response will be coordinated through South Belt Church in Houston. Fortunately, South Belt’s church building did not flood because of their elevation, but all of the neighborhoods surrounding the church did. Dawson will support South Belt Church financially and with volunteers (if requested). Our strategy will be to enable the church to minister to their own community. If you would like to make a financial contribution to support this effort, you can make a donation that is marked “Disaster Relief.” 100% of these funds will be used to assist South Belt Church in ministering to their community. You can also donate online. Add your donation amount in the box labeled Dawson Disaster Relief. (You will have to create a log in if this is your first time to give online.) South Belt’s greatest need at this early stage is financial.

Tips to guide you and to insure that your efforts are not wasted:

  • Do not collect supplies to send unless a specific organization has requested them and has agreed to receive them.
  • Do not send used clothes, shoes, or jackets.
  • Pray for survivors, utility workers, and disaster response organizations that will be serving those in need.
  • Self-deployment is discouraged since every part of the infrastructure is overloaded. A disaster this large will require time and a lot of resources. Pray for responses to proceed smoothly.