Conversation on Science & Faith 6 Week Study

Please join us for a 6-week study on Conversations on Science & Faith. This study will be led by Dr. Steve Donaldson and Dr. Josh Reeves on Wednesday evenings. This class will meet in room 258 North at 6:00 p.m. We hope you can come!

Feb 28: Scientific experts: Can Christians trust them?

March 7: Changing human nature with technology. How far should Christians go?

March 14: Is randomness incompatible with a sovereign God? On randomness and providence.

March 21: Science and atheism: does science make God unnecessary?

March 28: Not meeting. Spring break week

April 4: Science and Miracles: How might God act in the world?

April 11 Science for the good of the church


  • Where

    258 North

  • Gender


  • When

    Wednesday at 6:00 pm

  • Type

    Adult, College, Men's, Senior Adult, Women's, Young Adult