During the winter/spring semester of RENEW Bible Study, Pastor David will lead us through a study of the Word of God. The first half of the semester will include topics such as: God’s Universal Revelation, The Preservation of the Revelation (Inspiration), How We Got the Bible, and “So Many Versions of the Bible, Which Do I Choose?” The second half of the semester will focus on the spiritual disciplines that relate to God’s Word: practical tips for reading the Bible, mediating on Scripture, studying the Bible via the HEAR method, applying the Bible to daily life, and Scripture memorization. Please join us for this important and relevant hour of Bible study.

Led by Dr. David Eldridge and Dr. Bill Johnston • Begins Wednesday, January 10


  • Where

    Social Hall

  • Gender


  • When

    Wednesday at 6:00 pm

  • Type

    Adult, Adults 65+