Music & Worship

“I will sing of God’s great love forever.” Psalm 89:1

Mission Statement

To invite, encourage, and train individuals of all ages to use their talents in authentic worship and Christian service to the glory of God.

A Message From John Woods

There's nothing like Autumn in Birmingham. The weather gets cooler, the jackets come out, and the trees are on fire with vibrant colors and deep hues. The rolling hills all over town are a beautiful canvas of warm color. It's the diversity of those colors that makes it truly beautiful.

So it is with the Music & Worship Ministry at Dawson.

Through broad and eclectic expressions of worship through music, people of every age find places of service, ministry, and worship here. Alone, these ministries are certainly beautiful. But together, they combine to form a beautiful and vibrant picture of a church focused on being found faithful as God's people. Join us in this mission and offer your gifts to God!

There is definitely a special place for you in the music ministry. Join us as we “sing and make music in our hearts to the Lord!”

John Woods
Music & Worship Pastor

Additional Ministry Information

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Rearview: Celebrating Bob Hatfield's Ministry

The Dawson Family of Faith honored Dr. Bob Hatfield on Sunday, July 20, 2014, as he retired as our Minister of Music. Dr. Hatfield led a full Sanctuary Choir in both the 9:40…Read More

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