Dawson partners with many organizations to extend the reach of God's love. Our mission partners work to fulfill the needs of others in the name of Jesus in Birmingham and around the world.

Restoration Academy Fairfield, AL

Restoration Academy's primary educational objective is twofold: to develop character in the lives of our students and to provide every student with a quality academic foundation.  These two objectives work together to prepare our students for personal and professional success.  We maintain that who you are is exceedingly more important than what you have.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment where our students also learn social skills and redemptive discipline as well as develop courage.

We work individually with students from remedial to accelerated and offer free in-school and after-school tutoring, teach Spanish from grade K5- 6 and require all students to learn to read music.  We also require the study of US and world history, all sciences, language, literature, government, finance, physical education, the arts, Bible and apologetics.

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