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He Lives!

What a glorious weekend for Christians!

How can that be?  Friday of Easter week, Jesus was tried by Jewish and Roman leaders, convicted, and crucified.  He died, nailed and bleeding, on the cross while being mocked and scorned.

How can it be a glorious time when Jesus was put in a grave, a place of death?

How can it be a great celebration for us when Jesus was killed?

Because on Sunday, he arose from the grave.  He always was, he always is, and he always will be.

He was bruised…and brought healing.

He was pierced…and eased pain.

He was persecuted…and brought freedom.

He was dead…and brought life.

Jesus lives, and that makes this a glorious time.

Be sure to attend an Easter worship service this weekend, and be sure to invite someone to attend with you.

 By Wendell Harris

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