This week, Pastor David continued the sermon series, "James: Where Real Faith Meets Real Life" with a message titled "When The Going Gets Tough" (James 1:2-4). In those verses, James speaks to all believers about the "testing" of their faith.
  • What trials and/or testing of your faith have you experienced in the last year?
  • Describe how you respond to trials/testing in your life.
  • In James 1:2, how are you called to respond?
  • Explain the difference between "happiness" & "joy".
  • What is YOUR goal in trials/testing? How does that differ from God's goal for your testing?

Pastor David's illustration about the 3 pots gives us something to consider. When trials come, are you weakened, hardened or transformed? Ask God to help you be honest with the real answer. What will you do with that answer (pray, search scripture, talk to a trusted friend, etc.)?