As we continued in the Book of James this week, Pastor David shared from James 1:12-18 about finding answers to some of life's essential questions. Specifically, James looks at 3 essential questions:
  1. Where does hope come from in the midst of difficult times?
  2. Where does temptation come from in the midst of difficult times?
  3. Where do good gifts come from in the midst of daily living?
As you consider this Scripture, remember a difficult time you have experienced.
  • What "blessings" came from that difficult time?
  • How does the promise of the "Crown of Life" (i.e. eternal life with God) help you continue during difficult times?
  • When/How are you most likely to be "lured and enticed by your own desire"? v.14 How can you escape that lure?
  • Have you received the "word of truth" ... the Gospel message of creation, fall, rescue and restoration? If not, what are you waiting for?
If you have never opened God's gift of salvation, we pray you will do that this week. To talk to someone about making that decision, please contact the Dawson Family of Faith. We'd be honored to share with you!
If you have the "word of truth" in your life already, share it this week! Look for those around you that may be walking through difficult times. Then, share the reason for your hope with them!