June 3, 2018

Sticks And Stones: The Power Of Our Words

James 3:1-12


This week, Pastor David continued the sermon series, "James: Where Real Faith Meets Real Life" with a message titled "Sticks And Stones: The Power Of Our Words" (James 3:1-12). In those verses, James writes about the power of our tongues to both build up and destroy.

  • The tongue has the power to steer you, or to give direction to your life. In what way do words that you say steer you – towards or away from God?
  • Our words are powerful! Who has said something to you that has built you up and encouraged you? Conversely, who has said something that tore you down? Even more, how have you used your words? To build up or to tear down? Is there anyone to whom you should apologize for the way that you have spoken?
  • Luke 6:45 says, “… for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” What do your words reveal about the condition of your heart and your relationship with God?

Pastor David gave three ways that we can respond to the challenge of our tongue. The three ways we respond are: 1) ask (God/Holy Spirit) for help; 2) admit your temptation; and 3) ask for forgiveness. How are you moving forward in sanctifying your words? Have you confessed your temptation to sin with your tongue? Is there someone in your life who is holding you accountable for your words? Are there situations that cause us to stumble or make us more prone to temptation? How can you avoid those situations?


This week, be intentional with your words. Ask God for guidance and understanding as you evaluate your whether you are building others up or tearing them down. Look for ways in which you can do better and also encourage others.