September 23, 2018 | Genesis: Act II

When The Faithful Still Doubt

Genesis 15


As we continued in the Book of Genesis this week, Pastor David explored Abram’s doubt regarding His promise to give him a son. Read Chapter 15 as you consider these questions.

  • What leads you down “the road of doubt”?
  • Abram and God had a real conversation about his doubt.  If you had a conversation with God about your doubt, what do you think He would tell you?
  • When are you most susceptible to the enemy’s lies planting doubt in your life? How will you reply to those lies this week?
  • What situation(s) are you facing right now where you need to hear the words, “fear not, I am your shield”?

In your time with God this week,

  1. Thank God for knowing everything there is to know about you, the details of your life and your desires.
  2. Ask God to help you be aware of how the enemy tries to lie to you.
  3. Commit to tell God, “in spite of my doubt, I will trust you?  You have always kept Your promise and even though I do not understand it all know (John 13:7), I will trust today. “