Natural cooking spray
5 eggs
2 cups (1-percent) milk
1/2 cup brown sugar or honey
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup mixed dried fruit, such as raisins, cranberries, cherries and   blueberries
1 ( ounces) (1-pound) loaf whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread, cut into (1-inch) cubes


Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease a (7- x 11-inch) baking dish with cooking spray; set aside. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon and then stir in fruit. Add bread and toss to coat, pressing bread down gently to help it soak up the milk mixture. Transfer contents of bowl to prepared dish, cover with foil and bake until just set and fragrant, about 45 minutes. Uncover and bake until crisp on top, about 15 minutes more.


  • Calories 310
  • Fat 6 g
  • Cholesterol 120 mg
  • Sodium 300 mg
  • Dietary Fiber 3 g
  • Sugar 34 g
  • Protein 10 g

From: Whole Foods Market