Just as great works of art or beautiful music can turn our thoughts toward God, the creative expression of dance can also bring glory to Him. Ballet is a particularly beautiful form of dance that teaches discipline, grace, and poise; qualities that are also desirable in the Christian life. Each student at Dawson Ballet is considered a special trust from the Lord and is encouraged to glorify God with the gifts and talents He has given them.

All classes are taught in the Ballet Studio of the Family Recreation Center at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church by experienced teachers under the direction of Susie Long, Dawson Ballet School Director.

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Registration & Payment

  • Registration (due before classes begin, Aug 27):  Click HERE

  • Fall Tuition Payment (due before Aug. 27):

    • 1-day/wk:  Click HERE

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  • Costume Fee (due by Dec. 1):  Click HERE



Please contact Susie Long, Dawson Ballet Director at slong@dawsonchurch.org.


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