The birth of Christ so long ago welcomed the ultimate gift of redemption into the world.  This Advent, the Dawson Family of Faith will explore how we might welcome Christ into our world each day. We will follow His example of bringing hope, joy, peace, and love into the world through our humble service and generous actions. Sometimes it’s a painful process, but the arrival to new life is the invitation that Christmas offers us.  Let us join together during this Advent season as a family of faith to remember and to rejoice that the little baby born for us so many years ago, has also been born in us.


The Christmas Story, A Christmas Story, And Your Christmas Story

December 21, 2014
By Dr. Gary Fenton

Finances, Family, And Faith: A Horrible Or Holy Christmas Combination?

December 14, 2014
By Dr. Gary Fenton

Freedom: God With Us

December 7, 2014
By Brad Gowing

A Fixed Hope

November 30, 2014
By Dr. Bill Johnston