Approximately 2500 years ago Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.’’ Although the conditions and circumstances of the world have changed significantly from the time of the famous Greek philosopher, human nature has not changed. The examined life requires that we ask ourselves questions.  To a great extent, the quality of our life will be determined by the questions we ask ourselves.  The Bible reveals the truth about God.  In the process of learning about the true and living God, we learn about ourselves. From the Bible, we learn not only the right questions, but also what the answers should be if we desire to live the God-honoring life. These questions are about the core issues of life. Both non-believers and believers need to ask themselves these questions.


What Can I Do For You?

September 22, 2013
By Dr. Gary Fenton

What Happens When I Die?

September 15, 2013
By Dr. Gary Fenton

How Do I Get My Life Going In The Right Direction?

September 8, 2013
By Dr. Gary Fenton

What Can I Do About My Problem?

September 1, 2013
By Dr. Gary Fenton

What's My Problem?

August 25, 2013
By Dr. Gary Fenton

Who Am I?

August 18, 2013
By Dr. Gary Fenton