Classes are $5 per session, $30 (6-pack-no expiration), or $45 per month (unlimited classes). Child care is available every Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. (For a class schedule, download a PDF of the Group Exercise Fitness Schedule) D1 Classes have a $35/month membership fee.


Group Exercise Classes

Body Sculpt: Incorporates muscle strengthening and toning for upper & lower body; includes core training. Uses weights & stability ball.

Body Tune Up: Designed for senior adults consisting of a warm-up, light strength training, stretching, and balance.

Conquerors: An energetic and inspirational strength training class for all fitness levels. This class is designed to bring out the conqueror within!

Defined STRENGTH: Define your muscles with an intense blend of compound strengthening exercises that utilize hand weights, exercise balls, and/or resistance bands, and are set to fun, energizing music!

D1 Strength: D1 Strength will equip and challenge you to gain lean muscle mass while building a community that will hold you accountable. Guaranteed to produce results, our coaches will provide direction and experience to assure you're hitting your goals.

D1 Total Fit Description: Designed for any fitness level, Total Fit is a boot camp style class that is team oriented and provides results that will last. Your body will realize its maximum potential during this high-performance workout that includes strengthening, conditioning, mobility, and a major calorie burn.

HIIT Conditioning: This new class will involve high intensity interval training (HIIT) that emphasizes cardio and muscle work. It will incorporate body resistance exercises with some weight resistance exercises. The class will keep your body working at maximum capacity through the entire workout!

Immerse: An experience to promote both physical and spiritual well- being. Immerse will take unique exercise techniques of stretching and strengthening, as well as meditating on Scripture for physical and spiritual growth.

Kickboxing/Bootcamp: A mix of intense cardio drills, strength training, and plyometrics.

Pilates: Focuses on exercises that teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles.

Strength Works: A conditioning class for all ages & fitness levels; utilizes free weights, resistance bands, & stability ball. A slower tempo & variety of exercises target each major muscle group & more.

Super Pumped: 45 minutes of a dynamic blend of exercises that strengthen and sculpt abs, gluts, arms and core.

Turning Point: A group indoor cycling class, known worldwide as Spinning®. If you can ride a bike, you can succeed and have awesome results with this class.

Yoga: A beginner/intermediate class that utilizes your body weight for resistance



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