Distinctives of Faithful Servants:

  • Have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Experience and share with others the Good News of God’s grace.
  • Show compassion toward others.
  • Give their best through service and ministry to others in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Worship God individually and with others.

Faith/Action Principles

As a church we accept the Bible as our sole authority for faith and practice. We believe, accept and seek to apply all the scriptural principles and to exhibit and emphasize the following 10 scriptural principles as the identifiable foundation of our church’s ministry:

1. The Priesthood of the Believer

Every believer is a priest unto God. As a result, each member has direct access to God and also is directly accountable to God for individual faith and practice. As a congregation of priests, the church has the responsibility to provide opportunities for all members to use their spiritual gifts. It is the responsibility of each member to take advantage of these opportunities.

2. Worship

The church is to glorify God through corporate worship including preaching, music, giving, and other expressions of faith which honor God and provide authentic experiences of worship for the individual believer.

3. Ministry and Service

The church is to serve Christ and bear witness to the message and mission of Christ by meeting human needs in His name.

4. Stewardship

The church’s ministries are supported by the members voluntarily giving their time, talents and financial resources. The church’s members are invited and encouraged to be good stewards of their resources.

5. Unity and Fellowship

The church is unified by the power of the Holy Spirit through fellowship with Christ and our love for one another. This unity does not require uniformity in either thought or interpretation of scripture, but it is to be modeled after the interdependence of the different parts of the body.

6. The Family

The church will model Christ-like living and teach Christian family principles and skills such as parenting, nurturing, and relating to one another in Christian love.

7. Evangelism and Missions

The church proclaims the saving message of Jesus Christ by word and deed locally, nationally, and internationally.

8. Bible Teaching

The church teaches Biblical truth to those participating in the fellowship and to all others so desiring to learn about God.

9. Participation

The church ministers to all people and invites participation in its ministries to the Glory of God.

10. Prayer

Prayer provides communication with God. The church practices and encourages both corporate prayer and individual prayer.