We have several options for Group Exercise membership. Please click here for more information and to sign up. 

Current Class Schedule

Group Exercise Classes

Body Tune Up
Designed for senior adults and consisting of a warm-up, light strength training, stretching, and balance.

Cardio Kickboxing
A fun and fast-paced cardio class that mixes in martial arts movements. Come burn calories and build lean muscle as you kick your way towards your goals!

An energetic and inspirational strength training class for all fitness levels. This class is designed for all ladies to bring out the conqueror within!

D1 Strength
D1 Strength will equip and challenge you to gain lean muscle mass while building a community that will hold you accountable. Guaranteed to produce results, our coaches will provide direction and experience to assure you’re hitting your goals.

D1 Total Fit
Designed for any fitness level, Total Fit is a boot camp style class that is team oriented and provides results that will last. Your body will realize its maximum potential during this high-performance workout that includes strengthening, conditioning, mobility, and a major calorie burn.

Dawson Strength
Dawson Strength is a total body blend of compound strength training that utilizes free weights, resistance bands, and stability balls to sculpt your body into its best shape. Perfect for any fitness level, come reach your goals with a community of accountability and encouragement.

Burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time with high-intensity interval training! With short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity intervals, this class is never boring and utilizes the entire body with a variety of exercises that change every week.

Turning Point
A group indoor cycling class, also known as spinning; if you can ride a bike, you can succeed and have awesome results in this class!

A beginner/ intermediate class that utilizes your body weight for resistance.


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Bryan Howard, Associate Minister of Recreation & Fitness, at (205) 879-1758 or bhoward@dawsonchurch.org.