January 1, 2018

TBD                                              Construction / Windsor, Maine

Windsor Christian Fellowship: Windsor is a town located east of Augusta, Maine. The church averages 80 in worship on Sundays and is growing.  There is great potential here.  They inherited an older building (not historic) and have undergone a long-term project to modernize their sanctuary. During this time, they have continued to meet for worship in their multi-purpose room.  As of September 2017 the framing is done and they will pay electricians and plumbers to complete the rough-in phase of the project.  Once the rough-in phase is completed, there will be a need for hanging, mudding, sanding and painting sheetrock on ceilings and walls.  There will be trim work.  A stage will be built.  A new front porch, stairs and ramp will be built.  Some outside work is needed to cut trees and brush to increase visibility from the road. Some construction skills needed. 

Estimated Cost:       $

Team Size:                 6-10

Team Leader:            TBD