Various                                       Event Logistics

One often overlooked area of much-needed support is the tiring effort that goes into planning and organizing a community church event. When local churches in Maine conduct outreach events, the pastor, his wife, and other core team leaders are so consumed with the logistics (i.e. serving food on the day of the event) that they miss the opportunity to greet people and build relationships, which is the sole purpose for the event. Dawson will send small teams of volunteers to do all of the preliminary event work and serve as logistical workers on the day of the event so the pastor and core team members can focus on building relationships with the people in their community. These “behind the scenes” teams will play a critical role in connecting lost people directly to church leaders who then will have the opportunity to point them to Jesus Christ.

Estimated Cost:       $

Team Size:                 2-4

Team Leader:            Tom Thompson