Ongoing                                     Encouraging Words

Many times the most overwhelming request from pastors in Maine is the need for encouragement. Pastors and church planters make tremendous sacrifices, particularly in their personal lives. This reality impacts each person differently but can often lead to physical weariness, emotional loneliness, and even spiritual depression. Through this project, Dawson volunteers will minister directly to pastors, spouses, their families, and core leadership teams by sending personalized cards, notes, and small gifts. These acts of kindness and encouragement, especially ones that are not anticipated, go a long way in lifting the morale of pastors and their families in Maine. Some examples of small gifts include gift cards to local coffee shops such as Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, a basket of toys or goodies for the children, encouraging books for the pastor and spouse to read, or even movie tickets so the whole family could have a night out together. Relevant details concerning pastors, families, and core team members will be provided so that cards, notes, and gifts may be personalized to individual and unique situations. This effort provides every Dawson member the opportunity to be involved in Go Love Tell, individually, as a family, or as a Life Group.

Estimated Cost:       $0

Team Size:                 Unlimited

Team Leader:            Lisa Simpson