July 14 – July 21, 2018



July 14 July 21                       Vacation Bible School

Southcoast Community Church, equipped with a young, dynamic pastor, is impacting the Portland suburbs of Scarborough and Gorham. Many families with children have moved into these neighborhoods, which provides a wonderful opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel.  As a result, Southcoast has committed to expand their VBS program to target more un-churched families.  They plan to have an all day program, much like a summer camp, because parents in the community are looking to enroll their kids in similar programs while school is out.  Southcoast also plans to write their own curriculum, pointing children to the love of Jesus and God’s plan of salvation! To be most effective, they have asked Dawson volunteers to help provide the necessary support to conduct an expanded VBS that would impact children from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Volunteers would travel to Maine on Saturday, July 14, worship at Southcoast on Sunday morning, help set up on Sunday afternoon and serve during the week.  Volunteers would return to Birmingham on July 21. 

Estimated Cost:       $700-800

Team Size:                 12-15

Contact:                    Tom Thompson

  • Leader

    Randy Poe

  • Location

    Maine- New Covenant Baptist Church VBS