March 7 – March 17, 2022

A Dawson team will conduct a “Kid’s Program” for 40 (MK) children during a Leadership Training Meeting in the Middle East.  The children in the program will be coming from families of our workers from around the region and for many, this may well be the highlight of the year.  They will be with other American kids and have a special kids VBS type day camp while their parents get the critical training they need as new team leaders reaching those they live among and serve.


Testimony From a Parent – “My husband and I have raised our three children on the field the past 25 years, and they grew up going to a local school in North Africa where there were only a few Christian teachers and very few believing families in our city.  Going to these types of meetings over the years shaped them and blessed our whole family and the kids and families of our colleagues as well!”


FYI – Due to the short preparation time frame those interested you check their passport expiration dates and notify Ben Hale your interest ASAP.  All volunteers must be fully vaccinated against the Corona virus with at least two shots  


Team Leader: Belinda Stroud

Estimated Cost: $1,900 (Partial Scholarships Available)

For more information please contact Ben Hale at

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