October 1, 2018


TBD                                     Community Outreach    

Volunteers with a sense of adventure are needed to work with a small group of believers in a rural church with a healthy outreach ministry perspective.  This church has the most innovative and proactive community outreach projects.   This group of believers spent 2 years collecting funds and building a small ministry/education center that teaches English, sewing, cultural dance and tutoring.  Help strengthen this ministry by teaching, encouraging and hands-on participation.  “It is the only church-based ministry where I see many Muslims actively, and regularly, involved.  I’m praying for a break-through.” Go Love Tell Partner

Estimated Cost:       $1,900

Team Size:                 2-4

Team Leader:            TBD

  • Leader

    Randy Poe

  • Location

    Southeast Asia

  • Estimated Cost