September 1, 2018


TBD                                     Medical Team    

Health care volunteers are needed in Southeast Asia to partner with medical staff at the local Baptist hospital for a minimum of 5 work days to assist them with their quality improvement initiatives while sharing knowledge and skills in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  Specialties needed include therapists, nurses, respiratory, administrators, pharmacists, primary care physicians etc.  While many of the hospital staff are believers, the patients are of Muslim background and do not know Christ.  This is a tremendous open door for medical volunteers to strengthen the faith of the local hospital staff and to allow patients to see the light of Christ in them as they serve their physical needs.

Estimated Cost:       $1,900

Team Size:                 2-4

Team Leader:            TBD

  • Leader

    Randy Poe

  • Location

    Southeast Asia

  • Estimated Cost