August 15, 2021

Camp 207

Fayette, Maine

Team Leader:  Ben Hale

August 15 – 20, 2021


Camp 207 is a weeklong Christian camp conducted by Summit Community Church, working with three other churches.  About 200 middle and high school students attend.  They come from 35 different churches plus many students come who do not attend church at all.  About 10 Dawson volunteers would serve alongside about 40 members of Summit Church and members of other churches in Maine.  Dawson volunteers could be counselors, lead small groups, lead activities, teach elective classes, and serve in other ways.  The camp is at Camp Vega in Fayette, Maine, west of Augusta.  Camp Vega is a girls summer camp location and the churches rent it for one week for the Christian Camp.  This is an excellent opportunity to make an impact on the lives of students, which in turn helps reach their families and their peers with the gospel.  You will also build relationships with many members of Summit Church.


Dawson volunteers would fly into Portland On August 14, worship at Summit Church in Gorham on August 15, and travel to the camp Sunday afternoon.  When the camp ends on August 20, you would travel back to Portland and fly out of Portland on August 21.  Estimated cost is $600 to $800 per person.