Dear Dawson Church Member:

At Dawson our mission is to become and help others become faithful servants of Jesus Christ. This is an exciting time of year as we have the opportunity to identify and nominate members to serve in roles on many leadership teams throughout the church. The process begins with the church family suggesting names of fellow members to be considered for the Board of Deacons as well as other standing teams.  The Nominating Team will then consider all names for selections to these positions.

We have worked to ensure that your process for nominations is as simple and easy as possible.

  1. Please pray about your nominations for Deacons and Standing Team members.*
  2. Provide your suggestions by May 2 in one of the following ways:
  • By clicking on the following link: 2022 Leadership Positions
  • By e-mailing your nominations to
  • By completing a nominating form in person at the Church Office.
  • By dropping your nomination form in one of the offering receptacles on a Sunday morning.

You may nominate as many members as you would like, including yourself or family members.

Thank you so much for helping our team to identify members who will devotedly serve in various areas of our Family of Faith.


2021 Nominating Team

 * For nominating guidelines, a list of current deacons, and printable nomination forms, please click on the corresponding documents below.

** Please contact the Church Office if you have any questions.