Pickup Basketball

Pickup Basketball has been an ongoing outreach of the Dawson Recreation Ministry to the greater community of the city of Birmingham. For over 20 years, men of all ages and skill levels have met on the basketball court of the Recreation Center on Dawson's campus for a friendly pickup game of basketball. Over the years, bridges have between built between communities through friendships made on the court.

If you desire to be a part of a greater community and enjoy basketball, please join us!

Spaces are Limited:

We only allow 10 individuals per court at a time. Please visit the front desk at the Recreation Center to have an account set up, and learn more about reserving your space to play basketball. Schedule for available court times can be found on our Dawson Rec App, under Basketball.

Community Basketball Guidelines

Player Fee:  $ 5-facility day pass per player or Rec Center Membership in good standing (no guests)

  • Speech - reasonable level, non-threatening, free of profanity
  • Behavior - self-controlled with no intent to harm others
  • Dress - shorts & shirt, appropriate coverage of the body, no images or language contrary to the Christian perspective

The following items are prohibited, ANYWHERE on Dawson's campus :

  • Tobacco in any form or vaping device
  • Weapons or ANYTHING considered as or used as a weapon
  • Controlled substances
  • ANYTHING that would detract from a safe environment


  • Willful violation of any of these guidelines could lead to loss of eligibility to participate temporarily OR long term.
  • Any staff member of the Dawson Ministerial or Recreation staff will have full rights to enforce these Community Basketball guidelines and FRC Guidelines as needed