Dawson Competitive League

Youth (3rd - 6th Grade) 2021 - 2022

League Mission:

Dawson Competitive League exists to provide an opportunity for children to participate in a basketball league that is built upon the principles of Jesus Christ, sportsmanship, and character. Our goal is to create a positive basketball environment for the players by placing an emphasis on fair play and respect for all coaches, athletes, and officials. It is our belief that the life lessons learned through the game of basketball help develop faith, a sense of accountability, integrity, and humility that will aid our participants and help them thrive in every arena of life. 

Coach Requirement:

Each coach must attend a mandatory meeting on November 14th, from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm here at Dawson FRC in the gym. Each week there will be a mandatory devotion implemented by coaches/team staff. Each coach will be required to sign a Code of Conduct and complete HEADSUP Concussion Training for Youth Sports Coaches. In order to be eligible for league play, each coach must submit a team roster on the official roster form and complete the liability parental waiver/consent form.


Failure to submit the proper form(s) or the falsifying of forms may render the player/team ineligible and can result in the forfeiture of each game in which the player/team participates in.


Registration Fees:

The registration fee for each team is $600. This fee will cover the cost of administrative expenses, referees, and team recognition at the end of the year. Each team is responsible for paying all other fees associated with their respective teams.

Team/Player Eligibility Requirements:

Teams must be comprised of players from the same city, town, etc. Players who attend public school or private schools have the option to play for the participating public or private school area team he/she is zoned for. Players who are homeschooled have the option to play for the participating team from the school area he/she is zoned for. A team may not have a player who is a member of an Intermediate or Middle school team. A player may participate in other sanctioned leagues outside of the DCL. A player cannot play for more than one team within the same division but may play in more than one different division in the DCL. There will not be any special scheduling needs or changes allowed to accommodate an individual player because of their participation in another team inside or outside of the DBA.


Divisions/Grade Requirements:


Teams will be placed in a division based on the grade of the participants on the team. It is the intent of the league to place a team in a division that will allow for equal play among its competitors. The league will evaluate certain criteria in determining the division of play for each team for the regular season and year-end tournament based on the following order of consideration:


    -the school grade of the team members; -the age of the team members;
    -the skill level of the team.


 If a team includes a mix of players from different grades or has players that are older than the age requirements allow, it will be customary for that team to play “up” in the Division that aligns with the oldest players on the team.


*Any other kind of exemption that does not fall under the aforementioned requirements must be presented and approved by the DAWSON recreation staff at the beginning of the season. Any player exemption consideration must be submitted in writing and a letter must be attached to the team roster.

Once your team has been registered and payment has been completed, you will receive a form for Coaches to complete. Spots will fill up quickly and are first come first serve. Below is the link for Registration.