>What are Fellowship Groups? Fellowship Groups are adult-led HIGH SCHOOL small groups that meet on Wednesday nights in homes around Birmingham. Each Fellowship Group group will have at least 2 student Apprentices (11th & 12th grade only) that support the adult facilitator in leading the lesson portion of the Fellowship Group each week and assist in facilitating conversation. In addition, there will be both a Logistics and Hospitality student leader in each home. The students who lead the groups are part of The DSM Student Leadership Team where they are trained and equipped to lead.

>Purpose of Fellowship Groups: The purpose of Fellowship Groups is to create a setting where community and evangelism can happen among high school students (missional communities). It creates an opportunity for students to invite their friends who would not normally attend a church service.

Fellowship Groups meet from 6:30-8 PM (the Fellowship Group that meets at Dawson is from 6-7:30 PM) on Wednesday Nights. For more information, email Alison at amatthews@dawsonchurch.org