Our Beta Interns

By Blake Jenkins | Minister to College Students BETA n: [a] a specific, step-by-step description of a sequence or climb in mountain climbing; [b]... read more

How “Celebrate Recovery” Restores Hope

By Mary Jones At some point in our lives we will all need some kind of healing. Whether because of an illness, a broken relationship, financial... read more

Meet The Del Riscos

My personal story of faith is a fulfillment of the promise that was communicated by the Apostle Paul to the Philippian jailer in Acts 16:31, “Believe in... read more

Do You See? [a 3-part series on BULLYING]

By Anonymous I was reading a story about bullying in schools and one sentence stood out to me: “Perhaps more than any other school safety problem,... read more

Close To The Well

By Blake Jenkins How familiar are you with the Australian outback? Not the bloomin’ onion place, but the large tracks of land on the continent of... read more

Smart World

TIPS ON BEING WISE, SAFE, AND SECURE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR KIDS AND TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY By David Powell As a parent, hearing about all this... read more

A Tapestry of Grace

When I see children on the playgrounds, ball fields, or in the lunch rooms of schools all over Birmingham, I see integrated diversity. When I go to the mall,... read more

Dawson Welcomes New College Minister

It’s almost that time of year again—where the temperature starts to drop (hopefully), high school and college football comes back on the scene, and... read more

More Than Just Music

Dawson Music Academy Makes Lasting Impact As the elevator opens on the third floor of the North Building, you hear the sounds of music. A violin to... read more

My Life Group Story

When Ben and I moved to the Birmingham area in late 2011, we quickly began searching for a church home. We joined another church in the area and visited life... read more