Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness by Meg Brown Associate Minister to Children While the Gospel message is singular and clear, the display of this Christian life is... read more

Life Group Stories: Happy Class

Life Group Stories by Angela Smith In August 2022, Pastor David preached a message on Matthew 5:13–16 wherein Jesus instructs us to be ­salt and light... read more

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes by Alyssa Witt Communications Associate Week after week, Dawson's Production Team makes sure you can hear and see perfectly. And that... read more

A Winning Heart

A Winning Heart by Christi Cowan Communications Associate Adele Brandrup doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving her goals. At age 18, she just... read more

Child-like Faith

Child-like Faith by Mónica Poe I don’t know if you know this, but Dawson has been given a great gift from the Lord. This gift is most unusual, and so... read more

The Gift of the Promised Land

The Gift of the Promised Land by Jessica Orso In the months leading up to our 10-day Spring Break trip, Mena and I made all of the preparations with... read more

Mission To Ecuador

Mission To Ecuador by Maggie Stoffregen My husband, Adam, and I, along with our girls, Macy and Wynn, had the opportunity to serve alongside several... read more

Everywhere You Are

Everywhere You Are by Rachel Langston As we worked our way back to full, on-campus activities in 2021, Dawson's ministry teams were confronted with the... read more

Walking In Love

Walking In Love by Lisa McNair My oldest memory is that my sister Denise was killed in the bombing of our church by mean White people for no other reason... read more

Life Groups Stories

Life Groups Stories by Sarah Morlandt Our Dawson Life Group story begins in 2007 when my husband, Tony, and I moved from South Texas to Homewood,... read more