As this time of social distancing due to the coronavirus continues, members of Dawson must continue to connect with one another and be the body of Christ together. To help facilitate this, we have compiled a list of resources and information to assist our Adult Life Groups as they continue to participate in community together. The following is a guide to how you can stay connected with us and the rest of the Dawson community as we follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines.


Weekly Schedule

We would love for you to worship with us online every Sunday morning at When you join us online, you’ll experience a worship service similar to what you would experience in-person. Sing, read Scripture and worship right along with us in your own living room! You can also join in on an interactive, staff-hosted live chat where members are invited to discuss the message, connect with others, and even share prayer requests.


Life Groups and Discipleship Groups

On-campus Life Groups and Discipleship Groups are suspended along with other in-person gatherings. If you lead or are part of a Life Group or Discipleship Group, we encourage you to continue meeting digitally using tools like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts.

If you are a Life Group or Discipleship Leader, you can contact Jim Gifford (, Kristen Torres ( or Liz Cuenin (  for helpful tools and strategies to help your group continue meeting.


New Testament Podcast for Women

During these unprecedented times we are all being encouraged and reminded, as a community and a nation, that we are “all in this together.” And for such a time as this, there is no better place for us to be as a church family than in “this” (God’s Holy Word) together. Beginning on Friday, May 1, our Dawson Women and Friends are invited to journey together as we walk through the New Testament. Each day you’ll read the assigned Scripture and then tune in to The Bible Recap Podcast. Reading and listening daily will take approximately 20 minutes. We hope this will become your favorite part of each day while you are reading through Scripture, loving it,  and then living it! Join us to read through the New Testament in 3 months, beginning May 1. Click here for more information and the links to join.


Staying Connected

Our Online Campus will gather for worship only on Sunday mornings, but there are many other ways that you can stay connected to our church family and to each other (even while you’re stuck at home).

Get Help and Give Help

As you connect and care for Dawson members please inform us of any pastoral care needs, benevolent situations, those who have become ill with COVID-19, or the names of older adults who are alone with no family to check-in on them. Please email Bill Johnston ( and help us muster the resources of the Dawson family to minister and care for others.


Prayer Requests

Please send us any prayer requests you want to share with the Dawson Prayer Team to Marissa Cronin ( or call Dawson’s Prayer Line - (205) 795-PRAY.


Be a Digital Missionary

While it’s easy to feel like life is on pause during an event like this, we believe God is still at work in and through our church body. When you think of reaching your neighbors and friends, you might default to thinking that in-person conversations or asking them to attend a church event. With many concerned about the coronavirus and the emergency quarantines, we believe this is actually a great opportunity to share the hope of Christ and invite friends to join you for our Online Worship.

A simple way to do this is to host a “Watch Party” on your Facebook. This enables you to invite your Facebook friends to a private group chat interface as you watch the Sunday message together. You can get started by using the “Add to Your Post” section at the bottom of Facebook’s “What’s On Your Mind?” window, or by following Facebooks instructions here.


A Note About Giving

If you are a regular giver, please continue to be faithful with your generosity at Dawson. You may not know this, but in the rare event that we’ve closed for a severe weather day, it’s difficult to recover from just one missed Sunday for the rest of the year. Your weekly gifts are a vital source that allows us to continue the work that God has called us to do, and our in-person Sunday services only represent a small portion of that work. When you continue to give during this crisis, your gifts allow us to maintain critical ministries that many depend on.

You can give online at any time at Thank you so much for your faithfulness to give!


Further Assistance

If you have difficulty utilizing any of the resources above or have further questions, please email Jim Gifford at