Men's Monday Morning Bible Study

This group meets each Monday in Social Hall at 7:00 a.m. for a great breakfast and a time of Bible study. Men of all ages, whether currently working or retired, are invited to attend. The approach…… Read More

One-day Bible Study

Join us for this Mid-winter One-day Bible Study with guest speak Dr. Jerry Gunnells. Dr. Gunnells, a much sought-after speaker, is the retired senior pastor of Spring Hill Baptist Church, Mobile. He…… Read More

Winter/Spring Tuesday Night Studies

The Gospel of Matthew by Kay Arthur - Spend some time taking a long look at Jesus and His kingdom through the lens of the Gospel of Matthew. Deepen your understanding and fall more in love with your…… Read More

Winter/Spring Wednesday Morning Studies

The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Jacob & Isaac by Beth Moore - Don't miss any of the sessions of this in-depth study of the historical figures of the Old Testament patriarchs.…… Read More

Winter/Spring Financial Studies

Crown Biblical Financial Study - The Crown Biblical Financial Study is a 10-week study of all the Bible teaches about money with practical application of those principles. Homework and scripture…… Read More

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