Pastoral Team

Dr. David Eldridge

Senior Pastor

Jack Fiscus

Executive Pastor

William D. (Bill) Johnston

Associate Pastor

Jan Kennamer Hart

Pastor's Ministry Associate

Julie Petsuch

Executive Pastor's Assistant

Mary Pitner

Pastoral Care Ministry Assistant

Discipleship Team - Adults

Brad Gowing

Discipleship Pastor

Andy Cartee

Minister to Young Adults & College

Liz Cuenin

Discipleship Associate

Kristen Torres

Minister of Spiritual Development & Women's Ministry

Rachel Langston

Spiritual Development Ministry Assistant

Tommy Lunceford

Men's Ministry

Discipleship Team - Students

Lance Millsaps

Minister to Students

Abbie Johnson

Associate Minister to Students

Alison Matthews

Student Ministry Assistant

Discipleship Team - Dawson Kids

Danielle Bell

Minister to Children

Jon Meads

Associate Minister to Children

Victoria Bye

Hearts & Hands Coordinator

Jessica Orso

Children's Ministry Assistant

Melissa Kaiser

Children's Supply Coordinator

Discipleship Team - Preschool

Brooke Gibson

Minister to Preschoolers

Donna Allan

Associate Minister to Preschoolers

Kathy Daniel

Dawson Day School Director

Hollie Huey

Dawson Preschool Ministry Office and Activity Coordinator

Missions Team


Evangelism & Missions Pastor

Randy Poe

Go Love Tell Missions Associate

Bayron Mosquera

Hispanic Pastor

Keaton Upton

Evangelism, Missions & Hispanic Ministry Assistant

Tommy Lunceford

Minister of Recreation

Jacob Pierce

Recreation Associate

Kathleen Camp

Recreation Ministry and Program Coordinator

Mica Driggers

Fitness Director

Debbie Moss

Minister of Health & Wellness

Ruth Robinson

Health & Wellness Assistant

Music & Worship Team

John Woods

Music & Worship Pastor

Brent Coleman

Music & Worship Associate, Ensembles

Vicky Dennis

Music & Worship Pastor's Assistant & Office Manager

Kimberly Jones

Director, Dawson Music Academy

Lynda Little

Music & Worship Associate, Piano

Dan Mullis

Minister of Instrumental Music

Hailey Pepper

Children's Music Coordinator

Melody Taylor

Worship Coordinator

Daryl Ussery

Special Ministry Consultant

Adrienne Scott

Music & Worship Ministry Assistant

Administration Team

Rowan Smith

Business Administrator

Ken Adkisson

Coordinator of Technology

Keith Vinson

Director of Information Systems

Marilyn Lloyd

Finance Director

Linda Atchison

Finance Assistant

Caroline Gwaltney

Business Administrator's Assistant & Office Manager

Linda Hillyer

Administrator of Membership & Records

Alice Harris


Facilities, Kitchen and Event Team

Amy Turnbow

Director of Food Services & Events

Jennie Hare

Kitchen Manager

Charlene Newton

Kitchen Staff

David Whitworth

Director of Facilities

Scott Whitworth

Maintenance Supervisor

Dennis Clark

Maintenance Manager

Jay Morris

Facilities Manager

Michael Foster

Facilities Team

Tim Mitchell

Maintenance Team

Mark Pearson

Facilities Team

Ronald Smith

Facilities Team

Communications and Creative Team

Shannon Lindsay

Director of Media Outreach & Marketing

Bretton Crosby

Media Director

Christi Cowan

Media Associate, Graphic Design

Alec Dixon

Media Associate, Video Production

Amos Hollinhead

Media Associate, Video Production Assistant

Kayla Holsomback

Media Associate, Graphic Design

B.C. Romano

Media Associate, Video Production Director