Our Pastor

Gary Fenton

Dr. Gary Fenton is the Senior Pastor of the Dawson Family of Faith in Birmingham, Alabama. His narrative and story-telling style of communication gives him the opportunity to speak and teach in a variety of settings in addition to preaching at Dawson. Gary has frequently served as an adjunct professor at Beeson Divinity School teaching on leadership issues and has the privilege of addressing the spiritual needs of thousands of people each week through a Sunday morning telecast on WIAT 42. Gary has participated in mission trips and projects in Malawi, Austria, Romania, Brazil, Germany and Peru. He moved to Dawson in 1991, having previously served as pastor of churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

A native of Missouri, Dr. Fenton received a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma, a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and a Doctor of Ministry degree at Midwestern Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also a graduate of Leadership Birmingham and Leadership Alabama and has a passion for lifelong learning.

While character building is usually directed toward children and youth, Gary also has a passion for helping young professionals and Baby Boomers develop authentic Christian character. He believes adult character building requires replacing career and financial success goals with the goal of spiritual significance. As a result, he has developed a website www.characterpath.com and blog dedicated to adult character issues.

Gary and his wife Alta Faye have three adult daughters and four grandchildren. Alta Faye leads Moms & More at Dawson, a ministry directed to young mothers. Both Gary and Alta Faye are very involved the community.

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From Sunday, December 16 Sermon

Five truths every Christian needs to remember every day:

1. You are created in the image of God.

2. You are forgiven of your sin through Christ and have a relationship with God.

3. You are filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

4. God has a purpose for your life.

5. You have eternal life.

Five daily actions that every Christian needs to do:

1. Pray

2. Read Scripture

3. Worship

4. Intentionally Engage In Christian Fellowship

5. Serve through meeting human needs in the name of Jesus. Human needs include food, clothing, shelter, friendship and a relationship with God.

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