Adult Women

This group engages women in activities and events that help them grow spiritually and strengthen their relationship with one another and with Jesus Christ. The activities that you can take part in include: retreats, conferences, informational health and wellness talks, and prayer meetings.

Adult Men

The group for men has several events organized during the year to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and the strengthening of relationships with others, but must importantly with Jesus Christ. The activities that you can participate in include: retreats, conferences, sports events, informational talks that address issues of interest for the group and the congregation as a whole.


​The youth has an incredible number of opportunities take part in activities and ​events that help guide them in how to live Christ centered lives and challenges​ them to be influential individuals wherever they may be. The activities that this ​group is involved in and that you could take part in include: Bible studies, ​retreats, sports events, and other casual fellowship times.


This ministry is directed to the young children of the church family and provides activities and events that help preschool and school aged children learn the basic ​fundamentals of the Bible and a life with Christ. The activities that children can ​take part in include: Bible stories, recreational activities, day trips, and opportunities to take part in the service through music and drama.