Kids Connection is a ministry of the Dawson Family of Faith to show God’s love by providing for the physical and spiritual needs of children from birth to age 16 whose parents or guardians do not have the resources to meet all of those needs.

Starting Monday, August 17, the Kids Connection van will be in Dawson’s north parking lot, and open for donations of toys only. Please hold all clothing donations for now. We need board and electronic games (complete only please), puzzles, dolls, doll accessories, Legos, action figures, toy cars, trains, trucks, art supplies, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, softballs, baseball mitts, bicycles, tricycles, and helmets. We cannot accept broken or incomplete toys, plush/stuffed toys, books, or athletic equipment not listed above. 

Thank you for your patience and for your help as we seek to serve the community and also protect our volunteers!

Who We Serve

Kids Connection is located at 32 Green Springs Highway, in the middle of a strip shopping center between the Salvation Army store and Wing Out (formerly Pizza Hut).


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