Fall 2020 Highlights
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Dress Code Guidelines
Safe Singing

It’s time again for Chapel Choir!

Date, Time & Location
We’re excited to be kicking off Chapel Choir again this Fall on Sunday, September 13 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., just like we always have. This year is going to be the most memorable one yet, and you need to be here. After all, how could you possibly make it through the year without Chapel Choir? During this season of COVID-19 we’ll be meeting on the 4th level of the parking building so we have plenty of space. If it’s hot outside, wear something cool. Once it get’s cold, buy a coat. Rain or shine, we’ll be meeting.

New People
There are a lot of places where being new is awkward, and getting connected is hard. But Chapel Choir is not one of them. When you show up, whether you’re a freshman or a new senior, it will be easy to know what to do. After all, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, so we’re all going to be new this year! Come anyway. You won’t regret it.

Drop Off, Parking, and Check In
You can park anywhere that’s open in the parking deck, or have your parents drop you off and take the stairs up. Stay off the elevator unless you really need it. You’ll get a little workout coming and going, along with some hand sanitizer. We’ll get you checked in after you get to your seat.

To help with social distancing there will be dots on the floor telling you where to sit/stand throughout the rehearsal, and you’ll find a chair and folder already there when you arrive. You can go straight to a seat, and the officers will help you find a spot. Look, we know you miss each other, but please keep those masks on while you're close.

We’re going to follow the Alabama health order and Dawson’s overall direction, so definitely keep your mask on when you’re not able to stay 6 feet apart from others. Once you’re in your social-distanced spot and no one is moving around, you can leave your mask on or remove it. That’s a choice that you and your parents will make together, so have a conversation with them about your plans.

Family Groups
Most weeks in rehearsal we’ll be taking some time to meet in Family Groups, which are groups of 9–12 people who are all in different grades. We’ll be doing a special Bible Study on worship, and these groups will be the place you’ll talk about it. You’ll see your group’s number on the wall, so when it’s time, put on your mask and head over. This is also the group you’ll meet with on Mission Tour this summer to debrief the day.

When it’s time to go, you’ll just leave your folder in your chair, make sure your mask is on, and we’ll dismiss you by rows. Of course, we’ll singing “A Blessing” each week before we leave.

Chapel Ensemble
Chapel Ensemble is an auditioned small group that meets for an hour before Chapel Choir and is lead by Brent Coleman. If you want to try out, you can if you’ve been in Chapel Choir before! Just click here to sign up. You don’t need to prepare anything, but you do need to come willing to commit to show up for all our rehearsals and worship services—both for Ensemble and Chapel Choir. And of course you’ll need to be able to go on Mission Tour, so be sure to check the calendar, too.

Chapel Jazz Band
Dan Mullis leads the Chapel Jazz Band. While we’re taking this semester off, don’t forget all about us. Once the Spring gets here we’ll be meeting again to rehearse and prepare for worship, ministry events, and Mission Tour. You can sign up to learn more by clicking here.

Chapel Puppets
Chapel Puppets is a group that meets the hour before Chapel Choir and prepares ministry to children and others through puppets. If you’re thinking about being a teacher someday, or just love kids, this is a great group for you. Amanda Owens leads chapel puppets. Sign up to learn more here.

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