Have questions?

The Christian faith has long been described as a journey, a walk of faith that includes many unique milestones along the way. At Dawson, our hope is to be a faith family that encourages, aids, and comes alongside of each guest and church member on their personal journey with Christ. In fact, at the very core of discipleship is an emphasis that all believers—whether a brand new follower of Christ or a seasoned saint—are on a continual path of growth and sanctification. We all are journeying toward our next step.

It may be that you have been visiting Dawson for a while and are now ready to take the next step toward becoming a member of the church. Or perhaps you’re ready to take the next step toward community, fellowship, and accountability through visiting a Life Group. Or if you have questions about your faith, opportunities to serve, or how to better get involved, we are here to help.

So what is your next step?