Dawson’s Podcast Center consists of two audio podcasts: Everywhere You Are and AUXANO.

Everywhere You Are is produced by our Women’s Ministry led by Kristen Torres. This podcast features conversations on biblical topics and truths that are meant to encourage listeners through every age, stage, location, and circumstance. New episodes are released monthly except during the summer which spotlights encore presentations. Hosted by Rachel Langston and Sarah Morlandt.

The AUXANO podcast is recorded weekly during our college and young adult worship service, AUXANO. This service is held on Tuesday evenings during the school year and is led by Dawson’s College Ministry Team, Cole Griffith and Kara Fincher, and by Jacob Pierce, Dawson’s Young Adult Minister. Podcast episodes are released on Thursdays.

Please visit our Podcast Center periodically for new podcasts and upcoming features.

Check Out Our Podcasts Below: