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The in-between years (18–29) are typically marked by transition, connection, and growth. Our weekly worship service, AUXANO, meets during the fall and spring semesters for college students and young adults. AUXANO exists to help you walk through the transition of these life stages and to facilitate connection and growth. This podcast includes the teaching sessions from the weekly service.

Latest Episodes


Ambassadors For Christ

04/19/2023 Dawson College Ministry Jacob Pierce, Minister to Young Adults
2 Corinthians 5

Psalms//Psalms 22

04/06/2023 Dawson College Ministry Bryan Howard
In your darkest hour, peace begins with honesty to God, trust in God, and praise towards God. There is no better model than Christ.

Psalms//Psalm 73

03/30/2023 Cole Griffith, Minister to College Students
Through the Psalmist Asaph, Psalm 73 takes us on a challenging ascent of questions that find their resolution in the righteousness of God and His anointed.

Psalms // Psalm 130: A Model For Confession

03/22/2023 Dawson College Ministry
Psalm 130 offers us a template for genuine confession, which begins with a cry for God's forgiveness and relies on the hope of God's promises and character revealed through Jesus Christ. // Aubrey Johnston

Psalms//Psalms 23

Psalm 23- The Lord is My Shepherd ...

One Another: Bear One Another's Burdens

03/01/2023 Dawson College & Young Adult Service
We fulfill the law of Christ when we live in interdependence of one another. ...

One Another: Be At Peace With One Another

02/15/2023 Dawson College & Young Adult Service
To experience peace with one another, we must have peace with God and the peace of God. ...

One Another: Love One Another

02/15/2023 Dawson College & Young Adult Service
We love because He first loved us. ...

Redeeming The Absurdity Of Life

02/08/2023 Dawson College & Young Adult Service
Ecclesiastes is a daunting and puzzling book. As the Preacher narrates his vain pursuits and comes to terms with his mortality, we can learn to live wisely and look to Jesus who redeems the central conflicts of the human experience in Ecclesiastes. ...

Walking With God

02/01/2023 Dawson College & Young Adult Service
Pastor David

Grown Up: The Pathway To Maturity, Part 2

01/25/2023 Dawson College & Young Adult Service
You’re a Christian now. You’re new now. This is not just a new set of beliefs, but a new life! ...

Grown Up: The Pathway To Maturity, Part 1

01/18/2023 Dawson College & Young Adult Service
Holistic and sustainable growth is directly tied to relational depth with Jesus. ...
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