Hannah Creel
I love being a part of BETA because it has given me the opportunity to foster spiritual growth while gaining a wealth of insight into the music and worship ministry. I enjoy being mentored and challenged by leaders in the church because they want to see me grow in my walk with Christ and in the ministry. I have cultivated relationships with people at Dawson that have changed my life, and I would not have been afforded that opportunity if it were not for the BETA Internship Program.






Cole Frier
BETA has helped me explore ministry in more ways than I would ever think imaginable in undergrad. My call to ministry has been defined through BETA. Being an intern under some of the most wise and caring people has been nothing less than a true blessing.








Ben Hewitt
I enjoy being a part of BETA because it provides me with quality ministry experience. BETA also gives me the opportunity to be mentored and invested in by highly respected leaders and pastors at Dawson.