Please know that your child’s safety is important to us! Every adult that serves in ministry to a child (ages eighteen and under) has undergone a background screening. Each classroom is equipped with a security camera and our toys and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each session. We use KidScan, a security identification system, for check in and check out to assure that children are safe and are released to the proper adult. Pagers are available for parents to “check out” in case they need to be paged to return to their child. Please note that parents must remain on the Dawson campus while children are in our care.

Below, you will find directions for teachers and families for the Sunday morning Check In and Check Out procedures.

Check In Procedure for Families

  1. Upon arrival at Dawson’s Welcome Center area, families with children (ages preschool–third grade) approach a KidScan kiosk.

  2. Using the touch screen, one parent enters the last 4 digits of the family’s phone number (home or cell).

  3. The screen will display all Dawson members and guests associated with that number.

  4. The parent will then select each family member who is present.

  5. The program will automatically print a strip of 3 identical stickers for each child (ages preschool–third grade) in the family

  6. The parent will put one sticker on the child’s back and proceed to the child’s Sunday School classroom.

Check Out Procedure for Families

Upon arrival in your child’s Sunday School, Excel Hour or Preschool Worship classroom, the parent should give the sticker with the child’s name and security code to a teacher. The teacher will verify that it matches the child before releasing the child to the parent.