24 Hours 4 Him is 24 hours for children (1st-5th grade) dedicated to Bible study, worship, games, and interactive learning activities. 24 Hours 4 Him takes a different theme and center the whole 24 Hours around making that Bible Truth a part of each 1st-5th grader’s everyday life. Due to the alarming statistics concerning what churched teens believe, we want to make sure that the foundational Biblical Truths of God’s Word are presented clearly and passionately to the 1st-5th graders .

Cost $35 per child

Due with registration NO LATER than midnight, Sunday February 24th.

This cost includes three meals, snack,t-shirt, and supplies.

Children MUST choose to be a part of ALL 24 hours of this event.  NO arriving late or leaving early for extracurricular activities.   Please discuss this with them and help us commit to the whole 24 hours.  It will be worth it! Children uneasy with spending the night can be picked up at bedtime and brought back for breakfast.

PARENTS WE NEED YOU!!!  Parents, you can volunteer to help teach Bible study, help with a meal, or make a goody bag for a Bible study leader.   There is a place on the registration form to check how you would like to be involved  in the weekend.  If you want to be a Bible study leader, please register quickly so we can get you all the information you need!

ES Bible study teaches the superpowers of confidence, forgiveness, courage, self-control, and compassion.  As we dig into the Word, kids will meet true heroes of the Bible: Elijah, Daniel, Esau, Esther, Gideon, and David.  But, JESUS is the ultimate HERO of this study.  Each child will clearly hear what it means to put his or her faith in JESUS, THE ULTIMATE HERO, who gave His life to save us all.  We also want the kids to know that they can turn to the Bible as a source of POWER, and by trusting God, they can be superheroes, too.