Busy Days—newborn to 18 months -- 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.
Set your baby's day to classical music.  Discover new ways babies benefit from the classics as you develop an appreciation for the world's most respected music. Each lesson features new activities and songs that the parent can sing for all the places baby and mom go together—the store, the playground, the doctor, and more.
Home Materials: Busy Day board book, Home CD, instrument, and poster.

Cost:  $85, includes tuition and materials

Creatures at the Ocean—1.5 years to 3.5 years – 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon

Come sail with us on an ocean adventure!  We'll sing sailor songs, leap like dolphins and play counting games with seashells while learning about the sights, sounds and animals in the sea.  Each day also includes an ocean craft.

Home Materials: Home CD, pair of seashell castanet instrument, a set of 10 story cards and 5 picture folders.

Cost:  $110, includes tuition, home materials and daily craft

Preschoolers (4-6 years, drop-off camp)
Jazz Kitchen:  Get an extra helping of learning to share -- with some jazz music in the mix.  In your Home Kit, read about the little sheep who, along with her friends, whips up a batch of noodles from scratch.  In class, you child will use this story and other activities to learn to observe and accept others' ideas, how to be a leader and a follower, as well as how to watch, listen, and speak to friends and teachers.
Each day includes a snack made by the campers and a craft.
1-2:30 p.m.

Cost:  $125, includes tuition, materials, daily craft and snack


To enroll in Kindermusik summer camps or for more information,

Chris Ferguson, Instructor