On February 2-5 Dawson Young Professionals will be venturing up to Gatlinburg, TN for a great retreat to enjoy the beauty of God's creation and spend time getting to know each other. This is going to be a great weekend that you will not want to miss! We will have several things planned for the weekend. Also, this is Super Bowl weekend so we will be watching the big night in the cabin and returning home on Monday. 

DATES: We have the Cabin from Friday, Feb 2 - Monday, Feb 5. (You can come as long or as little as you would like!)

COST: $65 (There may be some optional activities that you would be responsible for paying for.)

FOOD: All of your food will be covered except for meals while traveling.

LODGING: We will all be staying in a large 32 person cabin. Some beds will need to be shared but we will bring air mattresses as well if people would rather sleep on those. We will work it out!

TRANSPORTATION: We will have church vans available to drive and will figure out details as it gets closer and let you know. If you prefer to drive yourself, that is fine too! (You will be responsible for that cost.)