German believers will celebrate 500 years of the Luther Bible. Half a millennium ago God used Martin Luther’s translation to communicate the gospel in an accessible and intelligible way. Evangelicals have done so ever since. Music was (next to the Bible) the second most treasured renewal that Luther brought to the church. A song for the believers they can understand, sing, and believe with all their heart. 

Our team of instrumental musicians will partner with the Global Missions Project in Frankfurt, Germany. Music as the attraction, the means for proclamation, yes, even for being the message itself heard in places of worship for everyone to hear – that is the vision. Where God is exalted, talents are invested, and Jesus is proclaimed, lives are changed.

Project Objectives:

  • Celebrate God amid his people
  • Proclaim the message of the Bible in a way that people can and will receive
  • Encourage church leaders to develop courageous and creative music programs
  • Help the German church celebrate 500 years of Luther’s Bible translation

Project Highlights:

  • Perform in public places in Berlin with local musicians
  • Lead six churches in worship
  • See the birthplace of J.S. Bach
  • Visit Eisenach where Martin Luther lived and translated the New Testament

Cost: $2,500 which includes transportation, accommodations, breakfast, insurance, and entrance fees. 

Team Leader:  Dan Mullis

For more information contact Dan Mullis at