We know you desire to engage your children in a lifetime of faith. But trends show that our culture is increasingly secular with fewer younger generations staying in church. In fact, even the church-going faithful attend less often.

We want to partner with you to share the top five influences for your child’s spiritual health. (Some on the list might surprise you and you might be surprised by others not on the list.)

Not only will we give you the information concluded by years of research, each family will leave with a resource bags full of items to help you immediately implement these top five influencers. (including a “Holy Week in a Box” devotional.)

Kids will meet separately from adults for the first half and then we will bring families together for the closing.

Space is limited and you must register. You will not want to miss this unique event where we make it our top priority to partner with you to help you raise children that are life-long followers of Jesus.