The World Games 2022 will be in Birmingham July 7th – 17th. This week will present us with a great opportunity to serve with and engage our neighbors and the many guests that will be attending the games. The games will bring in an estimate of over 500,000 visitors into the Birmingham area. While there will be many ways that we can serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus during this week, we will be partnering with Baba Java coffee to do this. Baba Java is a local coffee roaster and coffee shop in Hoover AL. They are the official coffee sponsors of World Games 2022. Baba Java has Kingdom advancement at the forefront of their minds. Through serving coffee at the world games, we will be able to welcome guests and reflect Christ in this. 

As a Baba Java specific World Game volunteer, you could expect to be assisting in brewing coffee in the mornings and help clean up midday and evening. You could also assist in transporting coffee and dirty carafes. There is no minimum time requirement for this volunteer capacity. You will be serving alongside other community members. Those of which may or may not be a part of Dawson. It will be an incredible time to be able to show and share Christ and support those who will be directly interacting and engaging with other visitors and neighbors as well.


Volunteer Sign Up Instructions 


Step 1. Click THIS LINK
Step 2. Follow the prompts to create an account and list “Baba Java Coffee” as your organization/sponsor.
*THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Listing Baba Java as your organization lumps you into our group*
Step 3. Begin the application- List babajava as Organization/ Registration Code *IF THERE IS A PLACE TO PUT IT* 
Step 4. Proceed with rest of application.
Step 5. Check back with your account when approved and complete the World Games Training Modules.

Step 6. Email or if you have any questions.