We nurture friendships through a variety of musical ensembles that carry the hope of the Gospel to the church and to the world.

It Matters

Through music, we are able to be more like our Creator by creating something beautiful. We become unified as a body when we play in unity. Meeting together weekly, the Dawson Sanctuary Orchestra both supports the congregation's voice and crafts special moments of instrumental praise to God. Through the foundational and thoughtful songs of our faith, the timeless message of Christ is proclaimed with excellence and reverence each time we gather for worship. As you pursue your degree we want to support you through fellowship, prayer, musical development, and spiritual growth.


  • Complete Scholarship Request Form.
  • Submit Audition Video (demonstrating knowledge of scales and 2 solo pieces).
  • Submit a Statement of your faith journey.

Scholarship Covenant

This scholarship is designed as a covenant between you, the musician, and us, the local church. We will sign this covenant together at the beginning of each fall semester.

In recognition that your main focus in this part of your life is working towards attaining your degree, we are pleased to offer this scholarship opportunity to support to you in that process. In acceptance of this scholarship, we will make the following agreement with you where you commit to participate as an active member of the Dawson Music & Worship Ministries and we commit to support, pray and provide resources to you in your studies.

Your Commitment

  • One-on-one meeting time with the Associate Music & Worship Minister and the Minister to College Students within the first two weeks of the semester.
  • Be present at Weekly Rehearsals (Wednesday evenings, 6:00-7:30 p.m.) as well as seasonal rehearsals. Any possible absence should be communicated at least 2 weeks in advance with clear explanation od conflict.
  • Active in Sunday Worship Services as assigned.
  • Participate in Seasonal Programs/Concerts (Christmas, Easter, Orchestra Concerts).
  • Write a Reflection Note at the end of the semester on how this semester has impacted you.

Our Commitment

  • Prayer support from a local church that believes in you and your educational pursuit.
  • Ministry resources and opportunities to enhance your spiritual growth and learning experiences through the Dawson College Ministry.
  • Financial Scholarship per semester.
  • Free Wednesday night dinner in our Fellowship Hall (starts serving at 4:45 p.m.; must present ticket).
  • Free Recital Support (use of Chapel, classroom rehearsal/study space off-campus with free WiFi).

Submit Form and Audition Video